About Us

Ice Cream Toys & Books is a small independent Black-owned online retailer that specialises in an ever-expanding range of globally sourced Afrocentric products for children everywhere.

 We started this company after becoming increasingly frustrated with the very limited & poorly represented range of Afrocentric products that the major high street & online stores were carrying at the time.

 We've both always actively encouraged our own children to look beyond ethnicity when choosing toys & books to enjoy, but have always felt that the selection of Black toys (in particular) on offer at the larger retail stores didn't accurately reflect the aesthetic diversity of themselves, their immediate/extended family or their (Black) school friends either.

 We feel that this lack of diversity amongst the toys & books that children everywhere (of all ethnicities) are exposed to, can possibly be interpreted as misrepresentative, unrealistic & may even contribute to lowering their self-esteem by perpetuating specific aesthetic "ideals" - regardless of the ethnicity/gender/body type/aesthetic of the child or any particular product in question.

As a family run & focused business, we are dedicated to continually sourcing high-quality toys & books that better represent the many different body, hair, facial, eye & complexion types of all ethnicities - as the demand, availability of product lines and business grows.

We will always endeavour to provide your loved ones with fun & educational products that are every bit as unique, diverse & special as they are!