Baby dolls

Take a moment to go through our range of top quality human look alike baby dolls and you will definitely be pleasantly amazed by the superb collection we have in place. We wanted the best companions for your children and so decided to put these wonderful baby dolls together for them. From our exceptionally unique African Baby Dolls that will certainly catch your baby’s attention to our Afro-Caribbean Dolls and unique collection of Mini Black Dolls, not forgetting our iconic Anatomically Correct Dolls to our life-like New Born Dolls, our baby dolls will leave you overwhelmed and prove to be so much more than a worthy companion for your angels. Feel free to make a choice that is best for your child.

black doll with pillow

Black New Born Doll With Pillow

Dolls with African head wraps

Nines d'Onil Maria African Baby Doll with mini baby

mini black doll with white bootie

Christening Mini Black Doll

mixed race doll in a white nappy

Anatomically Correct Mixed Race Baby Doll


Nines d'Onil Maria African Baby Doll