Barbie black doll in a gold shiny dress with clutch bag

Barbie Look City Shine African American Black Label


Barbie Bakery Owner African American Doll and Playset

african doll in pink ballerina outfit

Barbie Ballerina African American Doll

Barbie eye doctor black doll

Barbie Careers Nikki Playset - Eye Doctor African American Doll

Barbie black doll with colour change puppy

Barbie Colour Me Cute Nikki Black Doll and Salon Playset

Barbie doll with long hair in pink dress

Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom Snap and Style Princess African American Doll


Barbie Fairytale Mermaid Nikki Black Doll

black barbie with glitter hair

Barbie Glitter Hair Doll - African American

Barbie beach black doll in swim wear

Barbie Nikki Beach African American Doll

Barbie black doll with fashion clothes

Barbie Nikki Black Doll and Fashion Pack


Barbie Nikki Mermaid Black Doll

barbie doll with dentist chair

Barbie Nikki Playset - Dentist African American Doll



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