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Ethnic Dolls = Universal Love

Dolls have a long antiquated history, as old as mankind itself & they are one of the world’s oldest toys.

With beginnings in spiritual & religious ritual, they were later adopted as toys by children.

The first dolls were made by the Egyptians during the construction of their ancient civilization & Grecian dolls can be traced back as early as 100 A.D.

In many African cultures, dolls were used as teaching tools & were often included within the time honoured tradition of becoming valued family heirlooms.

Once porcelain & plastic manufacturing eventually became more common place, dolls then started being produced in mass quantities & our relationships with them also began to change.

Today, part of that initial wonder & magic seems to have been lost with the mass production of dolls that pander to a very limited number of aesthetic types.

At Ice Cream Toys & Books, we strive to break the mold & buck this trend. Our mission is a simple, yet ambitious one - we aim to stock toys & books that represent the true beauty & diversity of all body, hair, facial, eye & complexion types in sympathy with the demand for & availability of these products.

Young minds are impressionable minds & we believe that giving children a more balanced view of the human race is the key to a happier & healthier life rooted in a more complete understanding of themselves, their families & others. Our children deserve the opportunity to be exposed to toys & books that are more reflective of the world that they live in - in all of it's many wonderful variations!

Ice Cream Toys & Books, with the power of universal love, look forward to lasting success in inspiring, promoting, motivating & empowering children to be limitless in their dreams & imaginations!